About Hugh Naylor

Hugh Naylor

Hugh Naylor is a managing partner at a strategic communications firm in Los Angeles, California called Inside Revolution. He works primarily with Web 3.0, environmental, tech and entertainment organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, helping them refine business-development strategies and tell the right stories to the right audiences. He’s helped elevate the profiles of senior executives through devising thought-leadership strategies, and he particularly enjoys the executive-leadership coaching that he oversees with his firm.

He’s also a writer.

For a decade, Hugh reported from the Middle East as a correspondent with The Washington Post and The National. His words also have appeared in The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The San Francisco Chronicle and others.

He slept on a floor as a young freelancer in Damascus, Syria, watched rebels battle their way through Aleppo and weathered two wars in Gaza. He also stood in Tahrir Square for Egypt’s revolution and spent a lot of time covering Iraq and Yemen. He speaks Arabic and hopes his Spanish hasn’t gotten too rusty.

He received an MA in international relations and economics from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.

If he’s not answering his phone, then it’s a safe bet he’s hiking the Santa Monica Mountains or camping in Oregon. More info here and here.

(Hugh is known to annoy people by talking about the wonders of bitcoin.)

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